The Mom’s Guide to preparing for Ramadan+ Free Printables

It’s 5 weeks till Ramadan and I’ve started getting prepared for the holy month. The one thing I really want for my kids is that they look forward to the month. As kids we welcomed the month begrudgingly and I prepared my getting all my VHS tapes ready to record all the TV I’d be missing.

I didn’t want this for my kids. I wanted it to have  more meaning for them than just not watching TV and not eating all day. So last year I started by making Rushdi a Ramadan Box.

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This year, we’re not going to do a Good Deeds Jar because it didn’t quite work out last year in that he didn’t really do any of them. So this year we have a Ramadan Chart where he has 5 things to do every day and if he does all of them every day, he gets a special treat at Iftar.

 photo rushdi ramadaan chart_zpshrgqygot.jpg

I’ve made a generic one for you guys, if you want to print some off for your kids. Get them laminated at a local copy shop like Post Net. You can even use it for yourself to set goals for yourself. I’ve made a list of things that I want to achieve for myself during Ramadan as well.

Find the download link at the bottom of this post

Ramadan Decorations

Something that is not a done thing in South Africa is Ramadan decorations. Last year I saw on Subhi Taha’s Ramadan vlog that they decorate the house. And it just looked so festive! I wanted to do the same for my family and home but do you think I could find anything in South Africa? No! So I started small. I got some new plates to use for iftar and suhoor and a couple of lanterns to put up. I’m also going to string up some fairy lights.

I wanted to get a traditional khayameya tablecloth but it’s just too damn expensive to import. Sooo… nope

 photo tablecloth_zpsipd2dmiq.jpg

So beautiful though right?! Anyway…

The rest of it I’ll have to DIY. Luckily there are a lot of printables available online so I might also do a Welcome Ramadan sign or bunting.

I’ve also designed this Iftar time sign so that people can stop asking me “What time is Maghrieb again?”. So print this off and pop it in a 15×20 cm photo frame so that you can write on the time every evening with a whiteboard marker. 

 photo Todays Iftar time printable_zpsfz3m46qn.png

Find the download link at the bottom of this post


It’s ironic that for a month where we don’t eat from sunrise to sunset, I am planning what we’re going to eat. But here’s the thing, iftar’s tend to be pretty unhealthy with a range of fried foods and well, it’s not great. But here’s the other thing: we just can’t go without them. So we’ve decided that we’re only going to have one type of fried food on the table and then only just one per person. Then the rest of the table will be filled with good things.

I’ll be ordering savouries for the month from Aneeqah who blogs on From my Fingertips because aside from her being my friend and I love supporting my friends in their business ventures and also because she makes flipping delicious things.

I’m also taking a leaf out of my aunty’s book and doing a meal plan for the week so that we’re not scrabbling around when it comes to crunch time.

I’ll do a post closer to the time on healthy iftar and suhoor ideas.


The month of Ramadan is the month that the Quraan was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and so we try to finish reading it during the month. But I also want to read it in English so that it has meaning for me. I’ve seen this floating around and I’m going to try it this year.

 photo How to Finish the Quraan in a Month_zpsneykgrsy.png

I’m just hoping to get the most out of the upcoming month as much as possible Inshallah.

I’ll be doing a few more Ramadan related posts as the time draws near, especially things to do with your kids, so if you want to keep up with that please subscribe to the blog below.

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