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How the Instant Pot changed my life!

Instant pot

Is that headline dramatic? Yes. Is it true though? Guys, let me just explain this thing to you and just how much I love my Instant Pot.

Here’s the thing about me, I am a lazy cook. I don’t like standing in front of a stove, making sure that the food doesn’t burn with a toddler crying and pulling on my leg and my son catching on God knows what nonsense while I don’t have an eye on him. It was stressful. 

I had heard of the Instant Pot from many American food bloggers and I was super jealous that it wasn’t available in South Africa, so I just forgot about it like I did with all the things that are only available in the good old US of A..

Then a couple of months ago Zain ordered an Instant Pot for us from Yuppiechef. He’d seen rave reviews about it on Reddit did a little research of his own and voila, a few days later the most magical of appliances was delivered to my front door.

Instant Pot unboxing

So what is an Instant Pot?

instant pot

It’s a 7-in-1 programmable cooking device. I mainly use it as a pressure cooker but here are it’s other functions:

1. Saute
2. Pressure cooker
3. Slow cooker
4. Rice maker
5. Yoghurt maker
6. Soup maker
7. Steamer

I love the fact that it is multi-use so I can make an entire meal including rice, mashed potatoes and chicken or whatever. Obviously all separately but everything cooks so quickly that you just quickly rinse the pot out after each use. 

So far we’ve used it to make oats, stews, curries, rice, steamed vegetables, pasta dishes and soup. I’ve yet to try the yoghurt function but I’m quite keen.

I’ve even made our Eid corned beef and tongue in it and also the roast chicken for Eid lunch!

Why I love the Instant Pot

The thing that I love best is that even though it probably takes the same amount of time that you would take cooking at a stove, I don’t have to actually stand in the kitchen in front of the stove for 40 minutes or whatever. What I usually end up doing with meat dishes is use the saute function to brown the onions and meat, add the rest of the ingredients and set the Instant Pot to do it’s thing.  

Actual cook time is usually quick but it does take some time to build up pressure and for natural release to happen. There is the option to quick release but depending on what it is you’re cooking, it might just sploosh all over the place. I rarely cook on the stove anymore and I don’t even bother packing my Instant Pot away. It just lives on my counter top.  I find that I’m making more complex meals than just sticking some chicken strips in the oven. I mean, oven meals are my other go to favourite from both a health and ease perspective (roast chicken and veg anyone? – easy peasy!) but the Instant Pot uses far less electricity.

The Instant Pot is available from Yuppiechef for R1999. And while it was a bit of an expensive buy, it sure is giving us a lot of value for money.

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