How I survived going back to work

Hi y’all. So sorry for the silence but it’s been a hectically busy few weeks over here. In preparation for going back to work not only had I been pumping like a cow, I was also struggling to get The Potato to take the bottle.


“Was ist das, Mutter?” – The Potato probably

Guys, I was stressed. When we dropped her at my mother-in-law’s house on Monday morning I ugly cried in the car, which upset The Munchkin a bit. So I quickly pulled myself towards myself. 

But I was so very worried that she would not take the bottle and she didn’t at all. I was so stressed and cried all morning, but I have an amazingly awesome boss who let me leave early to go feed my baby and finish working from home.

But do you think this child was crying when I got there? No. She was just chilled out, sitting in her bouncer, not a care in the world while I was acting like a stressed out, headless chicken.

Daariya sleeping

Not a care in the damn world!

That evening when The Husband attempted it, she drank the whole bottle and my heart was a little more at ease. 

So the rest of the week went relatively well because I could just miss her like a normal person instead of being worried about her too. 

Someone call the CDC

Then this weekend happened and 3 out of the 4 us ended up being ill. In an ironic twist of fate, The Munchkin (usually the one who has some cough or sniffle) was the healthiest of us all.

The Potato had a cold which for an adult is a mere inconvenience but for a 4-month-old is just the damn worst! Have you ever heard a little baby cough?! It breaks my heart every time she does. Her nose gets blocked and she can’t breathe so lekker, which means sleeping and drinking is tough. So I spent most of Friday night sleeping in the feeding chair with her on my chest. 


Ek kan nie!

By Saturday I was feeling vrot and flu-like so we went to the best place for being sick – Ma’s House! 

By Sunday, The Husband was down with bronchitis.

I have a new respect for single parents, you guys. I mean, my word. Doing bath and bed time with a screaming baby and toddler is no joke. Not even in the slightest. I’m actually not quite sure how I survived with my sanity in tact. Not going to lie, I did lose my cool a few times and ended up being the worst version of myself. But I wasn’t feeling well either and seeing as The Husband was out for the count, meant that someone had to see to the kids.

Shame, to be fair The Husband rarely gets this sick and tends to push himself beyond his limit when he is sick. So for him to be pap and useless means he really isn’t feeling well!

All this makes me realise is just how much of a team The Husband and I are. That he makes me a better mother. I’m so grateful for him and I really can’t wait for him to be better again.

Dad and Daariya

Literally our rock to lean on.


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  1. Melissa Javan

    February 21, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    Jou baba is te oulik! Well done mommy on making it through the first few weeks.

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