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Highs and Lows

Because for some reason I am incredibly tired today and also lazy, and because I can think of nothing more boring right now than a “…and then we did this, and then we did that” story. I am bullet pointing it up in here:


  • A weekend without the Gollum birds*! YAY!
  • Beautiful, peaceful scenery (except for the kids – kids are noisy!) and we were surrounded by forests.
  • Awesome hot springs. There are 5 hot pools and they get warmer as you ascend the stairs. The pool at the top is always above 40°C. Zain and I went to relax in the 2nd warmest one the night we arrived.
  • Buffet breakfast. Croissants. Custard danishes. Fresh fruit. Coffee. Scrambled eggs. Grilled tomatoes. Mushrooms. Omelettes. Flapjacks. Oh God, I can’t even remember what else. Cereals. Yum.
  • Spending time with Zain. Usually we get lost in the day-to-day and the house so it was nice just being together.
  • Hot Stone Massage. I’ve had 3 so far in my life and the one I had at the Caledon Spa was the best by far! They’re currently having a September Special: For R420 you can get either a full body exfoliation + 30 min hot stone massage/ 30 min deep tissue back, neck and shoulder massage + facial/ 2 for 1 30 min Swedish massage.
  • Crappy, marshmallow pillows. I swear they were trying to suffocate me while I slept. So I didn’t sleep well and my neck hurts.
  • There is not a big variety of halaal food in Caledon. The only option we had was the hotel’s Blue Crane Restaurant, who gets their meat from Airport Meats. And their supper menu was definitely lacking. They had a Braai Menu, which was burger patties, sausage, steak and chicken sosaties, rolls, potato and noodle salad. And for dessert there was Malva pudding and custard and fruit salad. All for R95. I ate because I was hungry not because I wanted the food. And that’s the worst kind of eating.
Not much lowlights but that’s a good thing I suppose.

In other retarded news: I left my cellphone in the fridge by accident. It was in a Woolies bag. Sigh, I hope it’s okay. I’m currently sitting on it to warm it up.

*Gollum Birds: They are the birds that have moved into my roof and make scritch-scritch noises every time they move about. It’s especially annoying and disconcerting at night when I am trying to fall asleep while Zain is still gaming downstairs. It actually sounds like Gollum has moved in with them because they sometimes make noises that birds shouldn’t be making.

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  1. shabana

    October 5, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    lol i thought the gollum birds were people…

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