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Free playdough mats for your preschooler

As we continue on this homeschooling adventure, we’re finding what works for us and what doesn’t. The Munchkin is not great at sitting and listening to lengthy instructions and he gets “bored” when he gets overwhelmed. I see his brain just shut off. Playdough has been a great way to engage his mind, keep him occupied and most of all play.

I first discovered the joys of playdough mats at one of out Adventure Clubs play dates. It was around Halloween so the theme was spiders and he got a playdough mat along with a few other bits and bobs to make a spider.

spider playmat

And I don’t know why I didn’t think to incorporate this into our homeschool activities. We were already using playdough because it’s a good way to develop fine motor skills and imagination. But it just didn’t click for me to use them until we got sent a Play-Doh Shape and Learn package for back to school.

The Shapes and Colours play set has 4 play mats included and then I thought, just hold on one damn minute. The internet has everything. I wonder if there are play mats for the Sight Words we’re doing. Spoiler alert: Yes there are.

How to make a playdough mat

Y’all, it’s really easy. Print it. Laminate it. 

“But we don’t have unnecessary contraptions like laminators in our home, Zayaan!”

I know guys. You can take it to your local copy shop to get it laminated or the easier and probably cheaper and far more convenient option would be to slip in a plastic sleeve protector. Done!


There’s a website called Teachers Pay Teachers with a crap ton of great printable resources. Prices range from Free to $50. I obviously click that Free box but I don’t mind paying for something now and again when we need it.

The Sight Words mats I got were free  from a user called Lavina Pop. You can download them here.

playdough sight words

More free literacy playdough mats:

Uppercase letters
Alphabet letters
Colour words
Common animal words


We’re starting out with addition and it can be a bit frustrating as can be expected. We already have a set of playdough cards where he makes the numbers on so I wanted to get him something to help make addition fun.

I found this bakkie playdough mat where you’re meant to write a number and your kids has to make the appropriate number of stones. So for The Munchkin, I write the sum and he has to solve it and put the stones in.

playdough maths

Other great free maths playdough mats:

Numbers 1-10
Practice shapes
Count the ladybug spots
3D shapes
Telling the time

Creativity and crafts

Anything to do with playdough is creativity based which means your kid is learning through play. The Play-Doh Shapes and Colour playset has one where you make different objects from the shapes provided.

playdough train

But I have saved a few printables for a rainy day (but seriously guys, pray for rain. This drought in Cape Town is for real!).  Can’t wait to spend an afternoon designing and decorating with these playdough mats with The Munchkin.

More free creativity playdough mats:

Playdough people 
Farmyard playdough mat
Halloween playdough mats
What’s for dinner?
Seaside themed playdough mat

We’re really enjoying these playdough mats and I hope you’ve found something to keep your little one occupied and entertained.


  1. stephanie

    January 26, 2018 at 8:48 am

    Just love this idea, going print some for my daughter

    1. Zayaan Schroeder

      January 26, 2018 at 9:47 am

      Hope she enjoys them!

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