My kids favourite books this March

It’s so important that my kids have a love for reading because it just opens up so many worlds for them. As I child I spent hours with my nose buried in a book. Transported on adventures with the Secret Seven or off gallivanting with Jo, Bessie and Fannie up the Faraway Tree. Reading is such a big pleasure in my life so I really hope my kids find some solice and joy in them too.

So every two weeks we head to the library to get books for school but also just for fun. These are the books we picked up last week.

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In March we got a fair few books from the library but a few of these are some staples from our own collection at home.

We’re going on a Bear Hunt

We're going on a bear hunt 800_march books

Rushdi immediately loved this absolute classic by Michael Rosen. The adventuring and splishing, splashing, swishing and swashing was so fun for him. And the bear chase at the end is probably his favourite part. 

I love this video of Michael Rosen reading his book.

One Fish, Two Fish

 photo one fish two fish 800_zps7zcplonx.jpg

Dr Seuss is a big, big favourite in this house. There are so many books though that I wasn’t keen on getting that big set from Readers Warehouse, even though I really want to. So we have been getting a Dr Seuss book every week from the library and One Fish, Two Fish is a big favourite. So much so that we got our own copy. 

Rushdi has the first five pages memorised as long as a few others. His favourite one is the one about Mr Gump and his seven hump wump. He’s laugh is so delicious every time he recites it.

Oi Frog!

 photo oi frog 800_zpskwq4upfc.jpg

This book is so fantastic! It’s very colourful which makes everyone happy and it’s another fun rhyming book. Frog wants to know why frogs can’t sit on mats. And the know-it-all cat proceeds to tell him what all the different animals have to sit on. So frogs sit on logs, even though it’s not very comfortable. 

Hey Diddle Diddle touch and feel book

 photo hey diddle diddle 800_zpsgjn6tq8p.jpg

This is a simple board book but Daariya loves it a lot. Touch and feel books are a big favourite of hers right now and they’re brilliant for sensory stimulation. I love the drawings as well, it’s been illustrated by Dawn Machell. The colours are bright and and so is the text which makes it lovely to look at. Typography is important to me okay! Anyway, Daari loves it and that’s all that matters.

Room on the Broom

 photo Room-on-the-Broom_800_zpshfarovbs.jpg

This is an old hat for Rushdi but Daariya has discovered it now and actually sits for the entire reading. And whenever I ask the question “Is there room on the broom for a [ANIMAL] like me?” she nods yes. So if you don’t know this Julia Donaldson classic, it’s a bout a witch who loses a few of her items and along the way she picks up some animal friends. 

Do you have any book recommendations for us?


  1. Zee

    April 4, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Yusuf absolutely LOVES room on the broom! thank you so much for his copy. I know that book off by heart…lol
    that & monkey puzzle

    1. Zayaan Schroeder

      April 4, 2018 at 5:43 pm

      You’re most welcome. Lol, Rushdi calls it “Witch had a cat” that sometimes I forget it’s called Room on the Broom.

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