Guys, I’m so tired today. We had a busy weekend with my mom’s 60th party on Saturday and I was just too exhausted today to prep any blog posts for this week.

I’m currently lying in bed, writing this on my phone and this is basically just a stream of consciousness. Sorry!

I’ve had enough sugar today to debilitate a diabetic so I made a healthy breakfast smoothie for tomorrow morning: bananas, peanut butter, honey, oats and chia seeds.

I’m hoping to drink all the water my poor bladder can manage tomorrow to detox the insane amount of sugar I’ve had today. And throw in some healthy food.

This kid is sleeping and I love him so much right now because he is not climbing on me  or using me as a jumping castle/punching bag while I’m trying to have a nap or having a crying, nagging, whining fit because I put the wrong Wheels of the Bus song on. Every day I pray for more patience with this stage.

The Husband truly is a rock through all of this. He let me sleep TWICE today, I mean!!! Also he just has my back and truck loads of common sense when it comes to these meltdowns this kid inflicts on us. He is the voice of reason and I’m so grateful because he is an amazing primary parent.

Look, we all fail as parents. We’re trying to be gentle parents but sometimes that’s so hard to do when you get smacked in the face with a box. Try not reacting harshly to that. I know he’s doing it to get a reaction so the logical thing is to not react. But try putting that into practice when you get hit hard in the ear with the corner of a Thomas the Tank Engine box. It’s damn hard. But we preserver and try to remind each other.

So much rambling. So little sense. Maybe I’ll do a Currently on Tuesday or something.


  1. Faz

    February 15, 2016 at 8:12 am

    Absolutely feeling this today ?also busy weekend also birthday function last night and we’re like no functions again for the next 3 years!It’s too busy. Strongs friend

  2. Luchae Williams

    February 15, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    Eish sending lots of positive vibes your way!

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