So I made a promise to myself that I was going to post every Friday but here I am on a Thursday night with nothing ready to be published because LIFE y’all! So I thought I’d catch you up on all the life stuff in another edition of Currently!


Well, I’m currently sat here waiting for the microwave to finish sterilize the bottles and my breast pump parts. This is honestly the most annoying part of it all. Every bladdy night! I love Friday nights so much because I can actually just go straight to bed without doing these chores and go sleep!


We’ve not been so healthy lately. The Munchkin got sick the night before Eid and has just finished a round of antibiotics. The Potato got away with fevers for two nights last week but was okay otherwise. I am ignoring a pain in my left ear that is possibly being caused by a post nasal drip. But because I don’t smaak like being booked off work again I got some stuff from the pharmacy that will hopefully sort that shit out. The Husband is or was also feeling poorly and the only reason I know that is because he requested I get him some flu meds from the pharmacy and actually went to bed with the kids the other night. He doesn’t get the Man Flu. He’s the opposite, he’ll soldier on through it all unless it’s REALLY kicking his butt.


Of a holiday. I’ve been eyeing Aquila Game Reserve because it’s only two hours from Cape Town. The winter specials look affordable but we don’t quite trust The Munchkin on a game drive yet. He might just scream from excitement and the next thing you know we have an elephant charging the vehicle.

Buy guys, I am so in need of a mini-break so the search continues. I want to go someplace where I don’t have to cook and someone else comes to clean my room. 


Thinking about…

…a blog revamp. I think this place is in desperate need for some sprucing up but I barely have the funds to live let alone throw money at this thing. So y’all might see some DIY changes in the next few weeks.

Crying about

Medical bills! Y’all, what is even the point of having medical aid if they’re not even going to cover all your hospital bills? I’m already broke because we’re paying for this every month then you still want to make me even more broke by not paying for it all. Come on, now! Give me a goddamn break man!


Dina Tokio! I’ve recently discovered her on YouTube and I love this chick so much. I’m not usually a fan of fashion/beauty vloggers but she is just so real and funny, I can’t get enough. She’s such an inspiration.


Seeing as it’s the month of July and also Harry Potter’s birthday, it means that I’m doing a re-read of the series. There’s just something familiar and when I read it I feel like I’m going home. If you’re not a Potterhead you won’t understand so I won’t bother trying to convince you. But if you ARE a Potterhead, I have a little giveaway happening soon so keep ya eyes peeled!


I’m catching up on iZombie and The Flash right now. Doctor Who’s just ended and as always a regeneration episode hits me right in the feels.


Tennant will always be my favourite Doctor but I think Capaldi might be a close second. I enjoyed his run as The Doctor and Bill was such a great companion. I wish they kept her on longer than Clara. Urgh, Clara. I won’t spoil too much but the Christmas episode looks like it’s going to be very interesting. Anyway, Game of Thrones is also starting soon and y’all I’m excited for those dragons to eff stuff up all over Westeros!

The Munchkin

Luckily The Munchkin’s disease decide to grace us with it’s presence while the school holidays are on. So he’s been spending time with grandparents and aunts while recovering. He’s at a cheeky and defiant age and you honestly don’t know what the heck you’re going to get with him on any given day. It could be a screaming for no reason, full out tantrum day. It could be a super helpful and totally sweet kid day. 

He loves his sister and he loves making her laugh. He’s helpful when he wants to be which isn’t very often to be honest.  He’s drawing skills have improved so much lately. He can actually draw things! And people. Granted they’re more often than not out of proportion but they all have heads, bodies and legs. Arms are optional. 

He’s getting so great with his Duplo blocks as well as puzzles. I’m so so amazed at his development every day. We encourage free and imaginative play especially when it comes to blocks and I absolutely love the things he comes up with.

We’re moving him to his own room soon. Yes, our 3.5 year old is still in bed with us but it’s getting a bit crowded so we’ve been doing his room up for him every weekend. He falls asleep quite easily and aside from getting him to brush his teeth in the evenings, he falls asleep pretty easily.

The Potato

The Potato is now 8 months old and the girl is on the move y’all. She’s just starting to get the hang of really crawling now. She’s also becoming a real old lady, it’s hilarious! She proper skels The Munchkin and has twice tried to bite him when they’ve got into a row. It’s so funny to watch. Mostly they fight over Duplo blocks. 

She’s also getting really good at feeding herself but we unfortunately have not been able to do proper baby-led weaning because her weekday carers don’t have high chairs for her where she can sit in and feed herself. But she’s doing briliiantly at hime.

We got her an IKEA Antilop high chair from TAKEALOT because it’s cheap, easy to clean and lightweight so it’s very easy to move around. I also like that I can put her food straight on the tray and it’s super easy to clean up after.

Potato high chair

I’m also getting her one of these EZPZ Mini Mats so that I can put pasta or cereal or goopy food in there without her flipping the whole thing over. Obviously this doesn’t prevent her chucking the food on the floor with her hands but thank God for tiles hey?

epz mini mat

For the past few nights The Potato has not wanted to be rocked to sleep but prefers to thrash about like a fish out of water till she falls asleep. But I have to lie next to her while she does this. So that’s a fun time.

So that’s us for now. I’m hoping to post every Friday. I’m thinking about doing YouTube but I feel like I barely have time to write this blog where am I going to find time to edit vlogs. Hahahaha! 



  1. Fierdous

    July 7, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    slms.. maybe you must think of Gap Cover to help with the medical aid.. i love that ezpz mat idea..

    1. Zayaan Schroeder

      July 9, 2017 at 8:31 pm

      We actually were just talking about getting gap cover!

  2. Melissa Javan

    July 8, 2017 at 9:03 am

    Thank you for sharing some bits and pieces of you 🙂 I enjoyed this

    1. Zayaan Schroeder

      July 9, 2017 at 8:32 pm

      Thank you for reading! xx

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