Celebrating The Munchkin’s 4th Birthday

Oooh, guys, I’m terrible hey! The Potato is turning ONE next week and I’m only posting about The Munchkin’s 4th birthday now. In all fairness their birthdays are only a month apart and do you know how quickly a month goes?!

First and foremost can I just get the overreaction that my baby is no longer a baby out of the way. He’s four years old! If there was ever a word to describe this boy of mine then it’s extra. He is extra in every sense of the word. He is extra busy, extra loud, extra bouncy, extra wild, extra loving, extra laughing. He does nothing small. He loves big and he has big emotions. He loves his sister and while he is very extra with her as well she loves him to bits. He makes her laugh and she has taken to pulling him in for random hugs. I love cuddling with him at night as we review our day to see the world from his perspective.

He’s so smart and I’m so amazed at him every, single day. That’s not to say we don’t have storms (I mean he still has a problem listening) with all the sunshine but that’s all part and parcel of being a kid isn’t it.

This year for The Munchkin’s birthday we decided to skip the party (after last year’s Fire Engine party all but finished me!) and have a Birthday Adventure instead.

He’s been begging asking to go up Table Mountain for ages and we thought we’d make a day of it and also hop on to the red Sightseeing tour bus as well. Because The Munchkin loves all things transporty so this was right up his alley.

We left The Potato with my parents for the day because we wanted his special day to be all about him and not having to plat second fiddle to the baby’s needs. He’s so good about sharing us with her so we wanted him to have all our attention for once.

We got the day started a bit late only leaving the house at 10am which meant that there was a hour and a half wait at the Lower Cable Station and despite the heat he was such a trooper. 

He was so excited to get on to the cable car and was not scared at all. He loved being on top and seeing the views. But you know how his ears don’t listen so lekker sometimes so the “Please Don’t Run On The Mountain” rule got broken a few times and so did my patience. 

table mountain_4th birthday

After we hopped back on the bus we headed back to the Waterfront taking the scenic route via Camps Bay, Clifton, Sea Point and Mouille Point. We were so tired and and hungry by the time we got back that we headed to the VnA Food Market and grabbed Woodies Burgers.

I didn’t take any pictures of the food because I was tired and starved and taking pictures wasn’t high on my priority list at the time. So here’s some pictures from Instagram because thank god for Social Media. We also got some ice cream from The Creamery and their flavour of the month for October is Smores! Y’ALL!!! Get it!



We had such a fantastic day with our guy! We’re so blessed to be his parents. He’s so kind and considerate and despite his loudness is quite a sensitive soul. He’s my boy, my love, the one who made me a mother and I am so, so grateful for him.

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