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Best Buy: The Ubuntu Baba baby carrier

Guys, firstly,  before I get into this Ubuntu Baba review, I wanted to let you know I’m changing The Peanut’s nickname to The Potato because honestly that’s what she gets called at home and it’s more fitting. Also, I really love potatoes. Anyway… In the last few months of my pregnancy I was researching baby carriers quite hectically. You see with The Munchkin I had a long stretchy wrap like the Noonoo Pie but I just didn’t have lus for the endless  ...

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Reviews, Win!

Hana Banana Britches Review and Giveaway

Here’s the thing about having super talented friends – you get to be the test dummy for all their shenanigans. But seeing as the shenanigans always end up being amazing, I really don’t mind. A few months ago, one of my wonderful friends, Soraya Mohideen, started her very own business called Hana Banana Britches. Soraya and I are both cloth mamas. Cloth tends to be a little more bulky than disposables depending on the type you’re using so there have been a few moms  ...

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Why Pregnancy Sense is the best book if you’re expecting

Preggy brain is a very real thing. Just as a regular human I am a los kop (I mean, the amount of jerseys and sunglasses I’ve lost over the years!), so porridge brain is really not helping my case in every aspect of my life. The latest thing to earn me the Mommy Fail award happened just this past Friday. You see, it was Spring Hat Day at school and I forgot. I sent The Munchkin off to school with no hat and I cried when I realised. Luckily teachers account for idiot parents like me and  ...

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That one time I had the most amazing pregnancy massage

On Saturday morning I was awoken at 6am in the best way possible: by having a toddler jumping on my head. Glorious. For some reason The Munchkin always wakes me up instead of his father because… who knows. Not me, that’s who. So by 10am it had been a long morning and The Husband still got to have a nice lie in *grumble, grumble*. I was a little bit done with toddlerhood at this point. As you know on a Saturday, our morning routine includes a visit to the library. So I  ...

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