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Review: Feed Baby app

Way back in the time of our forefathers when dinosaurs walked the Earth and smartphones weren’t a thing, people raised their kids without the use of apps. Why in Lord’s name, I hear you ask, would you need an app to tell you when to feed your baby or put him to sleep? Surely that’s just lazy parenting? But, wait, come here… Let me tell you a thing <dramatic whisper>This app is amazing!!!</dramatic whisper> This app is a godsend to the sleep deprived  ...

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Food, glorious food!

The Munchkin is 5 months old today and we started giving some first tastes of food this weekend. Working at Parent24 means that we get some books before they’re published for review. And just as I was researching weaning last week, a book called Feeding Your Baby Day-By-Day by Fiona Wilcock came across my desk. Perfect timing!! It will be out in April so I will post a link to my review when it’s available on Parent24. So on Friday I went to Clicks to get some weaning supplies as  ...

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Stay-at-home dads

When our son was born one of the questions we got asked quite often was what we were going to do with him when I went back to work. And when we said that my husband was resigning to look after the baby we got many surprised looks and reactions. Especially since we’re Muslim and this is not the most traditional of set-ups. But it’s the one that works for us. And while many thought that it was cool, a lot more people thought it was weird. It seems the older generation is too stuck in societal  ...

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