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Why do I even waste my money on toys?

I love baby toys. I probably love baby toys more than my baby does. So I buy her all sorts of toys and even more so whenever I walk past the goddamn Crazy Store. But do you think she play with the bladdy things? No. Well, okay that’s not true. She does sometimes but they are not her go-to thing when she wants to catch on nonsense entertain herself. My toddler’s favourite Netflix shows Here’s what she likes to play with. Plastics drawer Whenever I’m cooking or washing  ...

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My First Bananagrams is a fun way to improve your child’s spelling

Rushdi has got to the age where he wants to try playing board games. We got sent a Monopoly and I thought we’d try it out learning all about money and buying things but, well, that was a shit show. Money flying everywhere, complaining when I had to pay him rent for a property he owned and also Daariya tried to eat everything. So I thought I’d try something a little more on his level: My First Bananagrams. What is My First Banangrams? It’s the kids version of the original  ...

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Our homeschool routine

I am not the kind of person who wakes up and gets things done before my kids wake up. Mostly because they have kept me up all night and I will sleep until the very second I have to get up. So our routine is a very relaxed one because with two little ones, you need to be flexible. Things don’t always go according to plan but it’s good to have a plan to give some structure. I found that when I didn’t have a plan there was way too much TV time. The kids wake up anytime  ...

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Top tips to soothe your anxiety when flying with children

This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart For the longest time, Rushdi has been begging us to go on a plane. He loves all things to do with transportation so every time we go to the airport it’s with much excitement but we also leave with much sadness when he realises we’re not getting on a plane. But we’ve still not taken the plunge because, to be honest, the thought of flying with my children sends chills down my spine. But with Travelstart having some great deals on  ...

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