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Food, glorious food!

The Munchkin is 5 months old today and we started giving some first tastes of food this weekend. Working at Parent24 means that we get some books before they’re published for review. And just as I was researching weaning last week, a book called Feeding Your Baby Day-By-Day by Fiona Wilcock came across my desk. Perfect timing!! It will be out in April so I will post a link to my review when it’s available on Parent24. So on Friday I went to Clicks to get some weaning supplies as  ...

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Food, Things I love

An Eid Blog

Yes, yes, I realise Eid was a few days ago but I was honestly so kus I couldn’t even put my thoughts into words. Also, I was lazy. Eid was quite relaxed. I love that I get to go to Eid salaah in the mornings. I wasn’t ever able to before I was married because mornings were always so busy in our house. Getting breakfast ready, the tables set and getting dressed. But since no one comes to visit us (we do the visiting) there’s no need to do anything here. And since I’m  ...

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Food, Things I love

A Boeber Jol

Today was the 15th day of Ramadaan, the halfway mark. And like the old people say, “Ek is op die berg!”. Yasso! Meaning, that I’ve fasted the first 15 days non-stop. Sometimes I don’t get to do this because of lady reasons. So anyway, we’re at the top of the mountain and now to make our way down. 15 more days to go. It’s a Cape Malay tradition to make Boeber (A rich and creamy drink with overtones of cardamom and cinnamon) on the 15th day to celebrate the  ...

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