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Best Buy: NoseFrida

I’m starting a new series on the blog called Best Buy. These are products that I have personally found have made our parenting lives easier. They will always be things that I have bought myself (as I sometimes get things sent for review by companies) and they’ll never be gimmicky. The Husband and I have found that there are SO many kids products that are just gimmicks but these things will literally be the best buys we’ve made. 

Okay, so this Best Buy I did not actually buy but got as a baby shower gift. But the Nose Frida is one of the best buys parents of a newborn can make and I’ll tell you why.

Babies can’t blow their noses. They’re pretty crap at it for a good few years. The Munchkin still hasn’t quite mastered the art. And when they’re still so little there is nothing much you can give them besides saline drops to help stuffy noses which is frustrating for everyone involved. And The Potato got a stuffy nose almost immediately after getting home from the hospital because toddlers are so very fond of passing along germs.

How does the NoseFrida work exactly?

You guys, I’m not going to lie, this is probably one of the grossest sounding baby products in the world. But when you have a crying baby in the middle of the night who can’t sleep or feed properly because they can’t breathe, you do anything! Including manually sucking the snot from your newborn’s nose. I remember reading a story or comment once where a mother was so desperate to help her baby with it’s stuffy nose that she sucked it out by putting her mouth directly on her baby’s nose. I bet she wished she had a NoseFrida.

But the wonderfully clever people at Fridababy have devised a way that is less gross and you get no snot in your mouth. This helps whenever The Potato is congested and the amount of snot that comes out of that tiny nose is astounding.

The Nose Frida consists of 4 parts:


First put some saline drops in baby’s nose to loosen up the snot. Give it a minute or so to work and then put the nostril cover at the tip of baby’s nostril and you suck on the mouthpiece. It’s that simple. The filter in between catches all the snot and ensures that you will never get snot into your mouth.

Check out the video below to see how it all works


How does baby like it?

Well, it’s not a walk in the park having someone suck the snot out of your nose. Sometimes she cries, sometimes she doesn’t, one time she laughed. It doesn’t hurt her though and she is so relieved after the whole ordeal.

The Details

It’s super easy to clean, just a quick rinse after use and it’s all done. The NoseFrida can be bought at Dischem for R137.95. A refill pack of 24 for for R27.95

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  1. stephanie videira

    January 9, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    I bought this when my daughter was born it works really well, def a good buy

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