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App Review: Muslim Pro

The thing I love about apps is how they have the ability to make your life a little easier. Coming off my last blog post about being a better Muslim, I came across this app called Muslim Pro (or as I like to call it “How to be a pro Muslim”).

What I love about this app is that it’s quite comprehensive so instead of having an app for Salaah Times and then another one for the Quraan and a third for the Qibla, it’s all here in this handy app.



The salaah times are automatically calculated according to either your location or the city you choose. Most salaah apps that I’ve tried never get it quite right with you having to choose various methods of calculation, none of which I have any knowledge of. But this one is the closest an app has got. There are also manual corrections that you can adjust the times, for instance Maghrib here is 3 mins later than what the app says (a MAJOR thing when breaking your fast is concerned)

What I love about the notifications for the salaah times is that you can choose between: None, Silent (still get a pop-up notification), Phone’s Default Notification Sound, Long Beep or the Athaan (it even has a Fajr Athaan especially for when you need to be reminded that “Salaah is better than sleep”). The beauty of this is that when you’re at the office you can just have your phone’s normal notification tone or Long Beep notify you of the waqt, instead of having the Athaan blasted across the office annoying your non-Muslim co-workers when you inevitably leave your phone at your desk.



This is straight forward, it’s a compass showing you which way Makkah is so you know you’re praying to Allah (swt) and not the Egyptian gods slightly to the left in Cairo. You need your GPS location to be turned on for this to work.



There are so many languages for you to choose the translation to. Which is amazing if you speak another language. I like reciting with the translation because I like to understand what I’m reading otherwise it’s just Arabic to me. You have to download a small file for the translation though and you’ll find that in the Settings under “Texts and Translations”.

You can also bookmark where you last left off to easily pick up again.

There is a Daily Verse feature which I think will be really nice for outside of Ramadaan when I’m not able to read every day and you get a notification reminding you to do so. What’s cool about this is that the verse you read is random and out of context so I tend to make the effort to read anything before that to make sense of it. So more reading!




And of course you can select to hear it read by someone else because it’s always nice to have the Quraan playing while you get on with some or other daily chore. Like folding all your child’s clothing because the drawers are a complete mess.


This shows the Islamic calendar as the main one with the Gregorian dates as secondary so you can get your bearings. There’s also a list of the important Islamic dates and holidays.



This section is such a nice add on. It has the 99 Names of Allah, another link to the Quraan section, Hisnul (Fortress of the Muslim) which are all those small duas you got taught at Madrassa but forgot and the Shahada.





As a Muslim it’s sometimes hard to find fully Halaal places. This part of the app uses your location to find Halaal places close to you. A feature that will probably used more outside of Ramadaan.

It has a separate tab for masjids close by which will be handy for when travelling and you’re unsure of where the masjid actually is.




A nice feature that didn’t have to be included but there are ecards for sending with Ramadaan or Eid wishes to your loved ones which can be shared via any of your social media accounts, Whatsapp or via MMS (who still does this?!)


I really like this app. Really! Do you need it to be a better Muslim? No. Is it helping me? Yes, because I get reminders all the time. When you’re caught up doing something and the Athaan blasts from your phone, it’s very hard to ignore the call of Allah (swt). When you’re in the thick of things with the kids and all you want to do is read a little bit or watch something that Daily Verse reminder helps you to reconnect with your Creator when you finally have that quiet moment.

While the app is free, I chose to pay R25 for the Premium one because if I can spend R300 on games, I can spend R25 on an app that is enriching my life. R25 gets you the ability to listen to unlimited amounts from the Quraan instead of the 10 minutes the free app gets. You also get a lot more options for which Athaan plays when it’s time to pray. I love the Athaan from Makkah and that one was only available in the Premium app. But I don’t mind paying at all because this app looks great and it’s hard work to make an app that works this great.

Available in the Google Play Store and on iTunes.



  1. Zeenat

    June 23, 2015 at 7:54 am

    Thanks Z! It’s very daunting having to chose an app , with so many available and without detailed info about it. Thanks for making me chose this one!!

  2. Faz

    June 23, 2015 at 10:43 am

    I luvvvvv this app!!! My sister downloaded it for me over the weekend – find the translated Quran function very handy. Good post – as I havent yet explored some of the other functions so thanks for the info 🙂

  3. shabana

    June 23, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    awesome !! gna downld it thanks !

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