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App review: Colorfy

In April I stumbled upon the craze that was adult colouring-in. I say stumbled upon like it wasn’t EVERYWHERE. So I went out and ordered this one from Reader’s Warehouse. And then I was given another one by a co-worker.

creative colouring

So now I have two colouring books that I have not touched because I’m a mom and I have zero time for myself.

That is a slight  exaggeration. The time that I do have to myself is hella precious and yes I could use it wisely, destressing and making pretty things but instead I’ve been catching up on series or reading or even gosh darnit, sleeping!

So when someone on Facebook shared the Colorfy app I was elated!


But also skeptical because these adult colouring pages can get very detailed and how was I going to colour in the reeeaaaalllly small spaces?! By zooming in of course 



But let’s back track a little… There are 10 categories with between 5 and 20 images in each, further divided into volumes if there are a lot of images. Which means you’re going to be busy for a while.


The colours that you’re provided with in the basic color palette are decent, I haven’t yet felt the need to buy any of the others yet.




When you’re done with your picture you can either share it on social media (as people are fond of doing) or not and then it just saves in your colouring book.


It also saves your unfinished work so you can continue on it when you get another 5 minutes to yourself, probably when you go to the toilet.




What I love about this app is that I can take my colouring with me. Have you tried colouring in while on a moving train? Not the best.

I also get pictures done much quicker because it really is just a touch of the screen and a section is coloured in. Which means my hands don’t get cramped up either, this was an actual problem.

The cons however are that I feel far more relaxed when I do actual colouring in with pencils than with this app which is more of a great way to pass the time. And also I don’t get that satisfaction of working on something and hanging it up to be proud of like this.


The app is available for free on Android and iTunes with in app purchases like extra colour palettes and volumes of certain categories.

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  1. Shaney Vijendranath

    August 18, 2015 at 9:45 am

    This is so awesome! Definitely getting it.

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