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November 24, 2017

Things I love

What’s on my Black Friday wishlist

Sjoe, guys, how lucky are you? Three blog posts in one week. Almost like I’m being  productive or something.  South Africa really seems to be getting into all things American. From Halloween to Black Friday. Now some people take issue with this but I don’t have the energy to hate on something when I have two children who are already taking up my brain space. And stores are having massive sales. My only annoyance are with shops who claim to be having Black Friday sales  ...

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Shopping made easy with Superbalist Kids

In partnership with Superbalist One of the things I hate to do most in this world is to take kids shopping for clothing. Especially The Munchkin. It’s not his fault to be honest, there’s just far too much that catches his eye and he wants to see EVERYTHING. So he never stands still and dashes through the store like it’s the Reggie’s Rush but he’s not even getting anything. But this means I don’t get to have a good look at ANYTHING. And that’s why I  ...

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