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11 Self-care Tips for Moms – Free Printable Checklist

I’ve been seeing this idea floating around the internet for a while now. Self-care. What the heck is that even? Something that I honestly feel like I don’t have time for to be perfectly honest. Since becoming a mom, my time is rarely my own. So I don’t have time for self-indulgent tendencies. But guys, looking after yourself is important because how are you supposed to take care of your kids if you’re run down?

And as a mother who works outside of the home (and don’t even front, ALL mothers are working mothers as far as I’m concerned) my day is busy (who’s isn’t though?). It goes a little something like this:

Get up.

Feed the Potato, change her nappy and dress her

Get The Munchkin to the toilet, teeth brushed and dressed.

The Husband preps breakfast and everyone’s lunches.

Pack in my pump and bottles.

Make and pack in The Potato’s breakfast, snacks, lunch and milk.

Get myself dressed and fed.

The Husband and I wrangle The Munchkin to get his shoes and jacket on. Then it’s another drama to actually get him in the car.

Fight with Metrorail to get to work.

Pencil some time in to pump.

Fight with Metrorail to get home.

Bath and feed the Munchkin and The Potato.

Put them to bed.

Wash and sterilise all the bottles and pump parts.

Get the kids bags ready for the next day.


Collapse into bed.

Wake up during the night to dislodge a foot from my neck.

Feed the Potato at numerous points or rock her back to sleep.

Get up and do it all over again.

It’s a pretty full day. The Husband of course is right there in trenches with me and our biggest saving grace is that my mother makes supper for us every night.

But, I have no time to pencil in time for me. The only meal of the day that is not rushed in some or other way is lunch because I’m kid free.

So more often than not after the kids have gone to bed this is what self-care looks like for me:

Taking time out at DewDrop Beauty

So when my friend Parveen invited me to come try out her salon I grabbed the opportunity with both hands because self- care as a mother especially is so important. You can’t fill a well with an empty bucket. Or whatever that saying is.

I don’t have time to go to fancy day spas because that’s not a quick thing. That’s at the very least a couple of hours.

And what I love about DewDrop Beauty is that it’s just down the road from me in Lansdowne so it’s quick wish to pop in for a massage or to get my eyebrows done.

I used to go to Rashmi regularly after work and while she’s excellent at what she does, I don’t have the time to spend in her very busy waiting room when I need to get home to my kids.

Parveen’s salon is homely but welcoming. She’s very easy with you bringing your kids along if you have to. One of her clients brings their child with and she crawls around under the table while her dad is getting a massage.

She’s so lovely and puts you at ease. And her magic hands just melted away all the tension in my back and neck.

I’m not one to ever go for a facial but she did an express one for me and also recommended a facial mask for me to try. We spoke about my skin and because I’m useless at taking care of my face she gave me some advice on that too.

She’s been bugging me to try those fake lashes and while I’m not wild about the idea, I think I’ll try it. For science.

It was an hour and a half so well spent and I felt really rejuvenated afterwards. I just felt more relaxed and like a better mommy. I haven’t shouted at The Munchkin once yet since getting back.

We’ve decided that this should be a monthly thing because seriously, if you don’t look after yourself both physically and mentally how are you supposed to look after she nurture your little people.

DewDrop Beauty:

For all your beauty and body therapy needs contact Parveen on 078 820 7359 or

Some self-care tips

But self-care shouldn’t have to be relegated to a monthly indulgence. We should be looking after ourselves on the daily and it’s small things that can help us be better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Now there are a few things I do for my own sanity, you know, to survive the madness (hahaha, dry jokes) of life and parenthood. But this list also includes things that I need to start doing for my own self-care:

  • I have a happy making playlist that I listen to every morning on the train to and from work.
  • Because I’m more than likely late and frazzled by the time I get to work, I take 5 minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee before getting into things.
  • Have a secret stash of your favourite things. Be selfish y’all. Don’t share with the other greedies in your house. Because there will come a day when the kids have driven you around the bend or work has been particularly trying that you’ll need to dive into that stash.
  • Make shower time a fun time. Because water restrictions are a real thing here in the Western Cape, I can’t indulge in my long showers. I’m a water baby so there’s nothing more therapeutic for me than water.  So I have to make the most of my time there. I usually choose my favourite song of the moment and try to finish before it ends. Fun and water friendly!
    Top Tip: wait till the kids are asleep so you can take the time for yourself).
  • Also, lovely smelling shower gels or soap is a must! Follow up with a great smelling body lotion that you actually take the time to put on and not rush through because a child is crying.
  • After a relaxing shower, I enjoy my cup of tea. And maybe a biscuit (from that stash I was telling you about).
  • Read a book. I often get asked where do I find the time to still read. I make time to be very honest. Tea time is reading time.
  • Pray/meditate/breathe: I’m a Muslim and praying is a time for me to not only connect with my Creator but to calm myself and center my mind. It’s not always easy with a 3-year-old climbing my back. But if you’re not religious taking the time to quiet your mind and soul is imperative, As mother’s we’re carrying such a great mental load, there are always 5 million things to do, think of, pack, do tomorrow.. and, and, and! Take the time to play some soothing music (through your earphones because your kids are probably sleeping) and just breathe for a bit.
  • Talk to your bestie. Whether it’s just to laugh or vent about something besties are obviously the best for a reason.
  • Watch something that makes you laugh or feel happy. Nothing makes me feel better than laughing. This video by Subhi Taha is one of my favourites. It’s an old one but so hilarious!
  • Do a weekly at home facial. I got one from DewDrop Beauty that Parveen recommended me for my skin type. So every Saturday night after my shower and during tea and reading time, I’ll have the mask on. You have to take care of your skin y’all!
  • Sleep early. Hahahahaha! I know, guys. I know! You have SO MUCH to do after the kids are asleep. So do I. I rarely go to bed before 11pm (that’s late for me okay!) But every so often I go to bed with the kids. Usually I’m so flipping burned out by this point that to be honest I just fall asleep by accident.

So here’s a self-care checklist of small things that you can do for yourself every day to keep your tank full. Click on the image to download and stick it on your fridge as a reminder:

 photo self-care-image_zpsaty4nxp2.jpg

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  1. Cherralle

    August 3, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    Very cool – I agree with you self care as mom is key. We have to have our “tanks full” if we going to look after others. Oohh I have playlist called “happy songs” which I listen to on my way to work – it really makes me happy !

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