10 things to keep in the car if you have kids

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Let’s throw back quickly. The year was probably 1994. My brother was around 6, maybe 7. As a boy my brother was very much like The Munchkin. High energy, full throttle, heart of gold. When him and my cousin Yaaseen got together we’d call them the Terrible Two’s because mayhem would inevitably ensue. I might be exaggerating slightly but it’s not a word of a lie to say that within 5 minutes of arriving at a family picnic at Wynberg Park those two found themselves in the flipping pond. Soaking wet.

But my mother took it in her stride because like most mothers out there, she was prepared for these shenanigans and had brought extra clothing.

You’d think I’d have learned this lesson watching my brother get both of us into numerous absolutely unthinkable situations during our childhood but alas, it takes me a while for a lesson to sink in it seems.

Y’all, the amount of times we’ve been out and needed some or other kid paraphernalia has been too much.

“Did you pack the changing mat?”
“I forgot my water”

You see when you have a baby you always have the baby bag with ALL THE THINGS in it. But then your kid grows up, potty trains and is for all intents and purposes a Big Child, you start getting complacent. Once The Munchkin was potty trained we stopped taking a bag with for him and it just became a habit to make sure he went to the loo before we left.

But now we’ve resorted to keeping a few things in the boot of our car on a permanent basis. So that we’re always prepared, just in case.


1. Change of clothes. Summer and winter. Including socks, flip flops, underwear, a spare hoodie and a pull up.
2. Wet wipes (even though there’s probably a pack in The Potato’s bag)
3. Tissues
4. Sunblock
5. Bottled water. We have a big 1L reusable bottle because it’s not a good idea to leave shop bought bottled water in a hot boot for too long. BPAs and all those nasty things after all.
6. Empty water bottle (for pee emergencies) – I realise this is missing for the picture above but do you think I could find an empty water bottle anywhere?
7. Snacks. Think Mini Cheddars, energy bars, muffins, oranges, bananas, apples. (But please dear God, rescue those fruits and muffins if you don’t use them after a few days).
8. Blanket
9. Plastic grocery bags for wet and dirty clothes.
10. Travel emergency kit (find out what you need to pack in yours)

1st for Women Insurance understands all about being prepared for the just in case.

As women, we carry almost everything we could need with us, in our bags, or cars, or jackets. We often think about leaving 15 minutes early in case there’s traffic. We may even pack two bags for a trip, just in case it’s rainy and cold, and we research things before we do them. Truth is, we just like to be prepared for any possible situation.

It makes us feel secure, and confident that we can do anything because we’ve prepared for it. Like, if we need someone to call if our child isn’t feeling well at 3 in the morning. Or want a lawyer to look over a new contract. Or want someone to wait with us if our car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

That’s why when you insure with 1st for Women, we cover all these things and more. So that you’re always ready. Just in case.

So true, 1st for Women! So flipping true. But then again I’ve always been a just in case kind of girl! Because Murphy is also my best friend so with me it’s always whenever I don’t take something with that I’ll need it. So why tempt the bastard to be honest? Just always be prepared.


  1. stephanie videira

    August 28, 2017 at 11:29 pm

    Love the list of what to carry in the car for kids

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