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10 Favourite Book Challenge


This blog has been very book-ish lately and it doesn’t seem like it will be stopping anytime soon because my beautiful cousin Nihaad over on her Little Blog of Stuff tagged me in the 10 Favourite Book Challenge.

There are the obvious ones like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, every Terry Pratchett (don’t you dare make me choose just one) and other fan/cult favourites that I’m going to leave off the list so that I can give the spotlight to all the other stuff I’ve read and loved.

1. Bella Mafia

Bella Mafia

Have you ever read a book that left you so emotionally drained that you wanted to cry when you contemplated reading it again? This was that book for me. The rest of the books on this list I’ve re-read so many times and enjoy the journey all over again. But this one, man! I couldn’t relive the sheer heartache these women and this family goes through. It was a FANTASTIC read but when I started reading it again just knowing what was coming I couldn’t. Everyone should read this book at least once.

2. World of Warcraft: Arthas: Rise of the Lich King


If you don’t know, I play WoW. I have played other MMORPGs but I always go back to WoW because of the lore. I’m invested in that story you guys! I love all of the Christie Golden WoW books, they fill in the story between expansions but they add a whole other dimension to the game when you’re playing. The Arthas story is my favourite because it also explains how my favourite character, Lady Sylvanas came to be.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird

To kill a mockingbird

Do I have to explain why this is on the list? Well fine, 1. Atticus Finch is the best and 2. Scout is the tiniest rebel. I first read this because it was my cousin Yaaseen’s setwork book at school and I had nothing else to read at the time. I’ve just re-read it a few months ago but not sure how keen I am on the sequel.

4. Little Men

Little Men

Yes, Little Women is a classic. But the follow up to that is equally as fantastic. Jo runs a boarding school for (orphaned? I can’t remember) boys and their antics kept me entertained. I like the time that it was set in too. It’s heartwarming, it’s about choosing your family, it’s about being kind, it’s about growing up.

5. Spud series


Nothing has made actually me laugh like a drain more than these books. They’re hilariously South African and reminded me of the Enid Blyton boarding school books but a lot more boy-ish and a 100 times funnier. I want to say relatable but I was not a white boy who went to a exclusive boarding school in Durban. I was the very opposite. But the South Africaness is very familiar.

6. The Clan of the Cave Bear

Clan of the cave bear

I haven’t finished this series because what I loved about the first book got tedious by the time I got to the 4th book.
It’s a fictional story mashed with an anthropological account of the cave man. Science meets fiction but not in a science fictiony way if you know what I mean. It’s about a Cro-Magnon girl who is raised by a clan of Neanderthals.

It really appealed to the part of me that wanted to be a archeologist. I learned so much about the habits and social organisation of both the Neanderthal and the more evolved Cro-Magnon. It was fascinating. And long. And by the 4th book I couldn’t anymore.

7. The Belgariad


One of my very favourite fantasy book series. It’s one of those long journey kind of reads. My favourite part was the different lands and the people of each land. Their strengths and weaknesses. I grew very attached to the characters very quickly. Read it. I loved it.

8. Wicked


The life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West, tells the story of Elphaba from her birth till how she becomes the Wicked Witch. It’s a rich and detailed back story to the otherwise one-dimensional character we’re introduced to in The Wizard of Oz. She is now one of my all time favourite book characters.

9. Dragonriders of Pern

Dragonriders of Pern

Along with Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey was one of the authors I discovered in my high school library. And I devoured them all. It’s about a society dependent on dragon riders to protect them from the harmful Thread that falls from a neighbouring planet. It destroys anything organic that it touches so the dragons burn them in flight before they have a chance to reach the ground.

The dragon chooses their rider at their hatching and they are linked instantly. But the star that the Thread falls from has been out of order for hundreds of years so the dragon riders are seen as a burden. But that’s about to change…

10. The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The Ocean at the end of the lane

One of Neil Gaiman’s more recent books. I was proper scared when I read that escape scene through the fields.

To summarise this book would do it no justice so just go read it. It’s a fight for our world between good and evil. It’s fantasy but set in the real world so that the fantasy seems a bit unsettling. Unlike say, a world where dragons are an accepted norm. It’s a great read!

And now we’ve reached the end. And it’s time for nominations, so here we go:

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Tammy (I realise how hard this is going to be for you especially) from The Book Fairy’s Haven
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  1. Nihaad

    September 10, 2015 at 1:59 pm

    You did it!!! I loved reading your list!! There are quite a few that I haven’t read but they sound incredible; I will definitely try to get a hold of them!

    Xo 🙂

  2. Faz

    September 11, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    Spud!yayyyyy. Very varied list:)I like that.Mine would have been majority Stephen King, Stieg Larrson,Wilbur Smith and Jeffrey Archer. Do you still find time to read with the munchkin around? It’s been my one ‘I’m a mommy now so I can’t ‘ sacrifice

    1. Zayaan Schroeder

      September 14, 2015 at 7:13 am

      Well, Harry Potter and the Lord of the rings books could very well have taken up all 10 spots that’s why I left them off. I hope they went without saying.

      Yes, I still read because I want him to love reading too. They say the best way is for them to see you doing something. So Leila will definitely love exercise they way you do.

      I’ll read when he’s playing on his own or watching something. Or we read together. Also I get about an hour each day to and from work on the train.

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